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Lee High School's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Lee High School

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[12 Dec 2005|06:29pm]

So, I used to go to Lee High. Graduated 2005. I also used to be a member of this community under my old livejournal. Anyway, how are things going over there?

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[22 May 2005|11:29am]

Welp.. thought I'd post an entry since I go to Lee High.. haha* For those of you that know me, I'm Amber Johnson. I'm a sophomore and I'm in the band. Seems like there's a lot of smack being said about LHS a lot these days. I mean.. yeah.. c'mon. It's a good school. Sure, it has its good and bad points.. but all in all.. I'm gonna miss the experience when I graduate.. but eh? That's jus me ;) Everyone has their own opinion.. and if ya think about it? All those opinions about our school make it much more interesting, don't ya'll think? lol*

Newayz. I'm joining this community. Seems fun.. haha*

I can't believe this school year is almost over. They fly by so fast. It's sad but great too.


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[03 May 2005|04:26pm]
23 days left I believe....
Anyone wish to share a memory?

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[28 Mar 2005|03:13pm]
[ mood | pissed off to hell and back! ]

So how was everybody's Spring Break?

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FYI: [28 Mar 2005|12:10am]

48 school days left in the year including exams.

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[27 Mar 2005|02:16pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey peeps, My name is Ginny. Some may know me, some may not. I am a sophmore, I play Volleyball and I'm in the band. I have noticed most of the ppl on this site think that no one knows them and it kinda sounds like a pitty act. But maybe I am totally wrong, I have been before. lol.. Anywho, Lee High isnt that bad, not as bad as most make it out to be. It's an alright school. Has its up and downs but dont all schools. Right? There are "clicks" everyone knows that and thats just how the world is. So there really isnt ne thing ne one can do about it. I know most ppl think that LHS is just hell on earth and I will agree with you at times it can be but just think of all the good and funny times we have already had there. Yeah I know everyone wants out, including me. But I know we will all miss we when are gone. Well I dont really have that much to say so I suppose I will leave you with that!...:)

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hey [25 Mar 2005|01:56am]

[ mood | bored ]

hey guys i use to go to lee high i graduated in 2004...for u all that don't know me i am summer hensley i now go to Mecc...i so miss lee high and all the people i know their....I miss the sports i did...yeah i do think we could change lee high more,and hopefully for the good...if you got more ideas about it or just want to leave a comment go for it...well i am out ttyl be good take care bye

lv ur friend summer aka sum

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[19 Feb 2005|01:10pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Seeing this place is dead, I thought just maybe I would post one long entry in here. Perhaps introduce myself seeing I'm pretty much a nobody at Lee High. Being a nobody means I don't play sports, I'm not so skanky that my name is a trademark, I'm not hookerish, I'm not smart enough to be noticed for my intelligence and I'm not part of the yearbook staff. OMGOSH! Who am I? Patience I'm about to introduce myself!

My name is Misty Scott and I'm a Junior at LHS. I'm seventeen years of age and I'm pratically unnoticed except for my ugly fashion sense and my humorous remarks. I have a locker on the first floor.So if you feel the sudden urge to write something nasty on someone's locker, feel free to do so on mine or even better on the one next to mine:174. That locker belongs to this guy who has no humor in life and is always in a bad mood. I was hoping he would move lockers this year because last year I made it clear I wasn't fond of him but he stayed. Don't you hate it when that happens? Oh and if you do decide to write something nasty on a locker, make sure it's removable. I'm not interested in looking at the word SKANK written on my locker for the rest of my high school life.
I'm currently a second year Tech student. I enjoy the class so much I've decided that I'm going to make it a third year next year if they have a third year class which is still being decided. I'm also a Spanish Student. I'm in my third year. I took Honors this year but I'm doing terribly. Oh well. Thank god I have decided to skip the foreign fun next year. I've managed to keep in the Honors English courses without failing. My first year was a decider for me. I had Mrs. McKnight, passed the class and it was that moment that I decided, "Hey, I'll stick to this." I'm still deciding if I wish to keep with that. I'm on a standard diploma because I didn't want to take Chemistry. I'm also a member of First Priority. I'm there usually everytime we have a meeting.
I hate studying and my friend says I'm too laid back. I disagree. I get stressed out on tons of stuff. Not all the time and maybe I do prefer to not care but still I'm not that laid back. I was stressing out over Algebra last year and I'm stressing some on Spanish so technically, I'm just another Jane who does care some.
I don't buy name brand clothes and I'm chubby. I'm obese if you will. I'm not so self concious though that I'll freak if I eat in front of you or I'll cover it all up with baggy clothes. Most of the time, I dress sort of hookerish. Not really but it's debatable. I have these terrible looking shoes that I refuse to give up. I bought them at the Dollar Store :D They're comfy so I keep them. My parents aren't welfare victims excuse you. Daddy has a job that pays money not eggs.
I have friends. Most of us do. I stick with the same ones every day. Some people hate my friends and this doesn't bother me unless it's unjust. We all have opinions and I know I dislike certain individuals for stupid reasons. I'm unliked a lot. It's sort of nice knowing someone doesn't like you sometimes. It's fulfilling in some odd way.
My pet peeves at school are:
1. Trying to get somewhere when you have the entire high school population standing there in the halls preventing you from getting there in a hurry. I prefer being on time or atleast in a jippy than having to wait ten minutes to get from the middle stairway to .....the library on the fourth floor. I understand you have lockers etc but still I can complain.
2. I hate those girls who think they own the hall. It's like "WELL EXCUSE YOU!" "Um I was just wanting to get by and I said excuse me." "Whatever." URGH!
3. Students who are always mocking girls like..me! Actually I don't get mocked up front but doesn't it kill you when you see this thin girl talking about how fat this other young lady is. ACK! You're lucky I'm not that worried about my weight.

I can't think of anything else to say. So. Um...Leave a comment about how stupid I seem or how skanky I am . Whatever. Perhaps write your own lil entry in this dead community. Revive it!

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[31 Dec 2004|12:19pm]

Wow, nobody has posted in here in a LONG time.
Nobody probably reads this anymore, but, I'll ask anyway.

For those of you that goto Lee, what do you think would make the school better? Or, what do you NOT like about the school? I'm trying to get opinions of students to bring up at the next SCA meeting. So, anything you all have to say, you can leave a comment here, or you can e-mail me at landymight@hotmail.com


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[19 May 2004|09:06pm]
12 days....

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