}i{ Amber J (nightingale_89) wrote in l_h_s,
}i{ Amber J

Welp.. thought I'd post an entry since I go to Lee High.. haha* For those of you that know me, I'm Amber Johnson. I'm a sophomore and I'm in the band. Seems like there's a lot of smack being said about LHS a lot these days. I mean.. yeah.. c'mon. It's a good school. Sure, it has its good and bad points.. but all in all.. I'm gonna miss the experience when I graduate.. but eh? That's jus me ;) Everyone has their own opinion.. and if ya think about it? All those opinions about our school make it much more interesting, don't ya'll think? lol*

Newayz. I'm joining this community. Seems fun.. haha*

I can't believe this school year is almost over. They fly by so fast. It's sad but great too.

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