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Hey peeps, My name is Ginny. Some may know me, some may not. I am a sophmore, I play Volleyball and I'm in the band. I have noticed most of the ppl on this site think that no one knows them and it kinda sounds like a pitty act. But maybe I am totally wrong, I have been before. lol.. Anywho, Lee High isnt that bad, not as bad as most make it out to be. It's an alright school. Has its up and downs but dont all schools. Right? There are "clicks" everyone knows that and thats just how the world is. So there really isnt ne thing ne one can do about it. I know most ppl think that LHS is just hell on earth and I will agree with you at times it can be but just think of all the good and funny times we have already had there. Yeah I know everyone wants out, including me. But I know we will all miss we when are gone. Well I dont really have that much to say so I suppose I will leave you with that!...:)
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