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Wow, nobody has posted in here in a LONG time.
Nobody probably reads this anymore, but, I'll ask anyway.

For those of you that goto Lee, what do you think would make the school better? Or, what do you NOT like about the school? I'm trying to get opinions of students to bring up at the next SCA meeting. So, anything you all have to say, you can leave a comment here, or you can e-mail me at

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Doesn't most of the SCA's ideas get shot down anyway? lol

But either my freshman or sophomore year, towards the end of school everybody who had 6 hall passes left or something like that got to go outside the second half of the day on a Friday I think. We had a big cook out and had hamburgers and hot dogs, then just had a few games or something. I thought that was pretty fun, wouldn't mind seeing us having something like that again this year.
I agree with him; that cookout day was a lot of fun. But since we don't get hall passes this year and SOL's are such a big deal... What about like after SOL testing, those who passed all of their's or something to that extent get to have the "field day."

More tables in the lunchroom! They took our tables away at the wall..

And ummmmm... I'm out of ideas but Trinkle had a good one.. haha
Most of the time, yeah they do. But now that Mr. Earley is principal hopefully things will change.
Oh, so they already made him principal? Good

But yeah, the one thing I would want to see is having the "Field Day" thing sometimes towards the end of the year after SOL's and all that.

And Jessica, is the SR. Class President planning anything for us? Like T-shirts or a get together at the end of the year, or anything at all? lol
I think the cookout is a good idea too. I'll bring it up next meeting, and see what Joe thinks.
I heard Amanda isn't even senior class president anymore, but I'm not sure if that's true. Maybe Joe can do something for us, he's good with leadership stuff. We can ask him. lol

Wow, I didn't know we had a new principal. When did that happen?
Joe's president of SCA, so he should be able to get something together.

It's what I heard. Who knows if it's still true.
they need to stop kickin ppl out for dumb shit like skippin skool lol

SCA is nothing more than a figure-head, it has never had any real power. The most accomplishing thing we've ever done is build a fountain, any other changes made last a week and then the situation is returned to its normal state. The students can't change anything about a school no one, teachers and students included, wants to be a part of.
And as long as students and teachers continue to have the same opinion as yours stated above, SCA will continue to be a "figure-head."

There are some that care and want to be involved.
you aren't smart enough for me to make a reply that will get my point across in such a way your mind will comprehend.

Warren, I understood your point. I was simply stating stating mine in return. You didn't have to be rude about it.
You were being rude, I was being blunt.